Food security in Warrap State continues to be in an ongoing crisis that impacts many other aspects of peoples' lives. Currently the people of Warrap State are chronically food insecure. ICCWSSS’s response will include a focus on pastoralist communities in the six Counties of the State, which are the areas most often hit by famine in South Sudan. As a non-profit organization we would not be able to provide training to farmers without donations from organizations that care about how food is grown and want to ensure a healthy society. Please support our food security programs.  The goals here are to: 

Introduce large scale mechanized farming;

Increase access to veterinary services;

Encourage alternative livelihoods, particularly for women; and youth

Support improved nutritional practices, especially for mothers and their young children. 

ICCWSSS plan is to work with churches and local farmers in Warrap state to produce enough food that will sustain the livelihood of the local communities. It envisages distributing farming tools and seeds for church farms and to all farmers in the community with a view of participating in large scale farming. Some of the tools needed include maloda, hoes, axe, ox ploughs and slashers.

The soil in Warrap state is fertile and with a little support the farmers in the region are likely to produce enough food not only for domestic consumption but also for sale. This will enable most families to provide their children with educational needs.