An Interchurch Womens Project

This is Pastor Arop
Rev Joseph Arop is Presbyterian pastor. Rev Joseph is from the Presbyterian Church in Kuajok, he is however the general secretary of the Warrap State Interchurch Committee. He works alongside the Venerable James Garang Akoon who is a Wau Diocese minister and the Chairman of the Warrap State Interchurch Committee. Rev James is also the Archdeacon of Gogriel. 

Warrap State Interchurch Committee exists to support church development projects in Warrap - any church.
Here is a good example. 

Rev Joseph is presently managing a project that is designed to support the local community, through contributions by women to supporting the following areas:

  • peace building.
  • giving skills to women.
  • overcoming poverty through farming.
  • promoting women in spiritual activities.
  • girls education and ministry to orphans

To achieve this, without any help from outside donors his church and the women of his church have gathered what funds they have and built a small office to enable women to have somewhere to come. The first thing they had to do was gather donations to make the mud bricks before any building could start.

That however did not mean the project could not start, it just meant that the women ran their project in the shade of a large tree. Slowly, but with determination and no outside help, the office was built, roofed, fitted with a door and windows. It’s key purpose is to provide a safe space for adult education.

This is the project office

The project office in Kuajok

The project runs in Kuajok and since being made aware of it in August Bishop Moses has said that he wants Wau diocese to join this project and try to help it grow. Rev Joseph is quick to state that any donors wishing to support the project would be very welcome.

Women meeting to plan further workSo far fifteen women are involved with this project and Rev Joseph is pleased to name them:

Women meeting to discuss the project

  • Asunta Akuol Deng.
  • Elizabeth Aliet Chol.
  • Rebecca Agok Gum.
  • Jennifer Adut Ajel.
  • Mary Adut Aken.
  • Rebecca Abuk Garang.
  • Asunta Akuac Amet.
  • Elizabeth Nyankiir Aken.
  • Rebecca Ator Aliir.
  • Boronika Abuk lual.
  • Mary Alueth Deng.
  • Mary Amou Ajel.
  • Mary Aluel Deng.
  • Achok Deng Anei.
  • Teresa Achol Akech.

Even with the help of Wau Diocese this project will need outside funding from donors to help it grow and meet the needs of the local community in Kuajok. The needs are huge and currently the project is small. Any help that can be given to grow this project would be greatly received with many thanks.

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