A meeting of the Inter Church Committee


The Inter Church Committee, Warrap State, South Sudan  (ICCWSSS), is a faith based organization working in South Sudan has designed an innovative approach to the community-based development programme with peace building at its centre in the hope that equitable and sustainable development interventions around peace building would eventually penetrate and lead to the holistic development of the general community with the primary objective of building a critical mass of knowledgeable and empowered church leaders and local communities in Warrap State, in order to foster their confidence and capacity in articulating grass roots needs and interests, and its various organs, institutions and agencies. 

To this end, ICCWSSS wants to stimulate the initiatives of Church organizations, local communities and partners for the improvement of humanity, social security, counties integration, as well as economic and social development in Warrap State. ICCWSSS seeks to facilitate the building of associational networks, promotion of solidarity, trust, and reciprocity among Churches and local communities locally and at Bomas, Payams and counties level aiming to empower church and local community leaders, members of the public and local governments to exploit the public space in a post conflict democracy, to bring about sustainable peace and development. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a Platform and catalyze local church and community leaders to engage in need-driven, people-centered peace building, development and cooperation processes, effectively and proactively for equitable and sustainable peace and development. To reach this mission the ICCWSSS is appealing to international organizations, NGOs, churches, individuals and governments to come forward to support and partner with ICCWSSS towards the realization of our programme activities mentioned below.


"Our Vision is to develop a state in which citizens are fully engaged and involved in all affairs affecting their lives. ICCWSSS envisions a future for people built on self-reliance with citizens in control of the Spiritual, social, and economic capital."