ICCWSSS’s education goal in Warrap State is concentrated on ensuring the basic education of many who wouldn't ordinarily get schooling. These include girls as well as children in pastoral communities who don't have schools where they live. The long -term goal of ICCWSSS education programs is to attain illiterate free, well-informed, mentally and spiritually developed South Sudanese who will meet the requirements of all developing sectors of the Republic Of South Sudan. 

By using inexpensive school models that provide flexible schedules, relevant curricula and active community participation in the educational process, ICCWSSS wants to create positive change in these sectors. Another part of our strategy is to strengthen the role of PTA's, Girls Education Advisory Committees and Girls Clubs, which will also help to strengthen educational opportunities for Warrap State children.
Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between Donors and the community in which ICCWSSS is helping to create real and lasting change. It can provide more than the satisfaction that comes with aid for improving the education and well-being of the local communities as it will deliver a special opportunity to witness for Christ by lifting the lives of the rural poor over time. Through sponsorship, many lives will be changed forever. 
We believe that the inclusion of disadvantaged children into the mainstream is our prime duty and responsibility. ICCWSSS comes across children who are unable to walk the formal path of education of completing schooling, graduation and then be equipped for a job. Such children tend to be school drop-outs and have the least interest for studying further. If left in this condition, it may lead them to frustration and instability due to lack of employable skills. They may end up doing petty odd jobs which does not provide them a basic livelihood. Further, due to poverty and family backwardness, they become a burden on their parents.

ICCWSSS will work with disadvantaged communities in Warrap state through the Primary Education Programme (PEP). The programme aims to improve access to quality of primary education, by empowering the local community to better support their schools and advocate for their rights.  The programme also includes: engagement meetings between communities and training and support for Parent Teacher Associations.

You can help a general education to make a difference by supporting the education of school going children both primary and high schools, Theological studies and those others who want to proceed on with their university studies. This programme targets both children and adults from Gogrial East, Gogrial west, Tonj North, Tonj East, Tonj South and Twic Counties in Warrap State.