The rates of maternal, newborn and child deaths in Warrap State are among the highest in the world. ICCWSSS is working in communities to educate mothers on basic life-saving information and nutrition, for themselves and their children. In addition, we are seeking for funds to supply key services such as clinical services including construction of clinics, vaccination information, as well as information on how to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. We intend to achieve all these through linkages with other program components, particularly in the health sector.  

Because of the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS in Warrap State, ICCWSSS is taking an aggressively comprehensive approach, focusing simultaneously on prevention, care, support and mitigation through church and community-based channels. Our strategy strongly emphasizes reaching out to orphans and other vulnerable children, as well as high-risk groups such as transport and commercial sex workers in urban and rural areas.

ICCWSSS Project activities will include:

  1. training  community health volunteers to provide basic maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) care and promote good health practices, including breastfeeding, better nutrition, and vaccination;
  2. providing micro-nutrients to improve nutrition;
  3. delivering life-saving interventions for malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia to children under the age of five, including distributing insecticide-treated anti-malaria bed nets;
  4. reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases by building and managing  safe drinking water points and household latrines; and
  5. Building the capacity of church and community health care providers and training the community health workers to train and provide effective and efficient community health care programmes.