Children's Ministry
It is our great belief at Tower of Faith Ministries, that children should be given the opportunity to  explore the word of God in their own fun and exciting way. That is why we concurrently run our children ministry with our main services on Sundays. We are excited to have you and the entire family come celebrate God's goodness with us.

Men's Ministry

We are delighted to have you join us in the Men's core group of Tower of Faith Ministries , where God is empowering the men to succeed to become better husbands and take their place in Christ Jesus. The purpose of our current Fellowship is to empower men to succeed and to come to their responsibility in the body of Christ.

Youth Ministry
The purpose of the youth is to; Foster the development of members of the youth, Help in recognizing their God given talents and putting it into maximum use. Help in the spiritual growth of the youth. With a vision of; seeing a positive difference in the lives of the youth through the development of their physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and a blessing to their society. The Youth  Tower Generation is committed to working out to build the church and the individuals in the community. We invite you to fellowship with us on Fridays @ 7:30  PM.
Women's Ministry
This is the Women's ministry of the Tower Of Faith International Ministries , where God is raising virtuous women to be all that they can be in Christ. The purpose of the women’s ministry is to: Foster the development of members of the women’s fellowship. Help each woman to build their home. Help to build the church. They are charged with the vision of, helping every woman live a life focused on the glory of God, womanhood by building their homes and business and to see every woman become an achiever in all aspects of their lives. We invite you to fellowship with us on Mondays @ 7:00 pm.

Hospitality Ministry
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Young Adults Ministry
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