Peace Building

Inter Church Committee, Warrap State, South Sudan (ICCWSSS) mandate is to promote Peace, unity and justice through mobilization and formulas for action. This is aimed at transforming conflict and destruction into a constructive force which supports positive social change, protecting people and its environs.

ICCWSSS promotes peace building through dialogues, awareness and consensus around issues pertaining to reconciliation, peace-making and good governance through training, seminars, conferences and civic education. The organization will also organize community workshops on peace building, human rights and good governance not forgetting specific rights on youth, children, women and the general public.

In Community organization ICCWSSS is aiming at increasing community awareness about social issues that affect them and advocate for policies that promote peace and positive development. This is done by encouraging the youth and women in useful and interesting activities that would educate and inform them about governance and democracy, human rights, other social problems through forums, meetings, arts, drama and poetry for better impact. The program also helps locals to articulate, lobby and advocate for their Spiritual, social and economic interests. Promotion of gender equity, women leadership and a voice in decision making are key parts of this component.

This programme seeks to improve the protective environment of the vulnerable groups especially women and children. ICCWSSS monitors and reports on cases of sexual and gender-based violence and other forms of human rights abuse while spearheading efforts of main streaming sexually gender based violence (SGBV) and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) into other activities such as livelihood.

The same efforts extend into facilitating community initiatives to address stigmatization. For victims, ICCWSSS intends to operate referral systems that will incorporate trauma healing, psychosocial support and basic services.