Our Principles and Objectives

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The basic principles of ICCWSSS are:

  1. Inclusiveness and Equal Participation.
  2. Gender Equity and Equality.
  3. Transparency, Accountability and unselfishness.
  4. Independence, impartiality and active participation of members.
  5. Collective Ownership and Responsibility.
  6. Networking and Information sharing with all stakeholders should be at the core of ICCWSSS's operations.
  7. Mutual Respect and Trust.
  8. Effective, proper and accurate representation of the group.
  9. Competence and Professionalism
  10. Confidentiality
  11. Equal rights and responsibilities

Our Objectives

  1. To provide a platform for churches and local communities to effectively engage in the development Processes of the State of Warrap and South Sudan
  2. To present a platform for churches and local communities to package and disseminate information among the citizens of Warrap State and to sensitize and educate them on peace building and conflict management.
  3. To effectively participate in and influence the Spiritual, Economic, and Social Processes of the churches and local communities in Warrap State through networking, advocacy and lobbying.
  4. To monitor the formulation and implementation of the local Community Policies and programmes from a pro-poor and gender perspective, in order to address the needs and concerns of socially and economically marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  5. To promote and advance peace and development in Warrap State and to encourage efforts at deepening peace building and conflict management in the Region.
  6. Promote, protect and uphold the spirit of the rule of law, good governance and respect of state institutions within Warrap State and South Sudan.
  7. Ensure participation of church and local community leaders in conflict management processes in the region
  8. To promote the visibility of counties issues from a local organization's perspective in Warrap State.
  9. To foster the culture of tolerance and constructive engagement in the region and amongst the local communities in Warrap State.
  10. To encourage the adoption of the principle of collective responsibility by the six counties of Warrap State.
  11. To present a concerted front through support and solidarity to local communities in the promotion and pursuance of any of the above objectives.
  12. Capacity building of church and local community leaders.
  13. To promote information dissemination, communication and documentation